Upcoming Trails

GENTLEMEN WHO DINE will be meeting at (would you believe it) The Little Ale House at 1830 hours on Thursday 22nd March 2018 to be followed by a meal at a venue to be arranged by Lapdancer !

LADIES WOT LUNCH won't be lunching but will be dining at ZINC at 1900 hours on Friday 23rd March 2018. Arrangements made by Golden Showers. 

RUN 1729 Tuesday 20th March 2018
The Hon Sec, Newbile, will be haring from his old favourite, the Harrogate Tap, near Harrogate Station.

RUN 1730 Tuesday 27th March 2018
(Long-time no see) Pussy Galore will be setting a trail from home territory at 55 Rydal  Road, Harrogate. 

RUN 1731 Tuesday 3rd April 2018
Lady Grey  will be setting a trail from The Park, Hornbeam Park, Harrogate.

Trails have now been allocated to Hares up to 3rd July 2018. Please check these out and if you cannot Hare a Run PLEASE find a substitute or do a swop AND let the Hon Sec know !!!

Four sets of photos have been added to the Blog. To access them you will need a Password from Torquesteer. Enjoy !